About Us



The idea for our facility was born during a session of wishful thinking in 2007,  "Wouldn't it be great if there were a climbing gym in the valley?!" 

We weren't able to climb as much as we wanted because of the long drive time to the nearest climbing gym and the weather-dependent accessibility to local crags. As we talked to others about our idea for a rock gym in Wasilla, we found many "used to be" and "always wanted to try" climbers in our home community.  We were convinced- The Valley needed an indoor climbing gym!


After six years of hard work researching, planning, saving/borrowing, and thinking of almost nothing else, we broke ground. Cole spent countless hours (along with some amazing friends) welding, sheeting, painting, and drilling the climbing walls before volunteers helped screw in some of the wall's 8,000 t-nuts at the "T- Nut Party."

An incredible amount of help from friends, family, and excited volunteers enabled us to open the doors on December 11, 2013, a month after the birth of our second son.

We're ecstatic to see such a positive response from the community!  It's truly rewarding to have a place where climbers of all abilities, ages, backgrounds and interests come together as one big happy family! 


Now, a few years after opening, we have officially merged with Denali Gymnastics and brought in Crossfit. New doors and opportunities will continue to present themselves and we will be forever in the business of improving the "experience" that The Rock at Denali provides to the Valley.  



1080 N Wasilla-Fishhook Rd

Wasilla, AK. 99654


12pm-8:30pm on Tues-Sat

Members-only from 9-6pm on Mon


What's inside?

  • Top Rope Walls

  • Boulder Walls

  • Slackline

  • Highline

  • Bachar ladder

  • Endless Ropes



  • Water fill-up station

  • Free & paid rental lockers

  • Rental climbing gear

  • ...and more!